Here at Ward Performance we provide a comprehensive list of machining services all done "in house" on our Mazak and Haas CNC machining centers. We strive to get you back on the track or street with as little down time as possible. Our combination of decades of experience, and state of the art equipment equate to services that are second to none. If you don't see something listed, or have any questions, Contact Us.

Here is a small sample of our vast selection of available services:


HAAS-CNC-HEAD-PORT-225x300Cylinder Head machining: 

  • Competition valve jobs

  • Valve seat replacement and upgrades

  • Valve guide replacement and upgrades

  • Combustion chamber CNC machining / profile

  • Combustion chamber repair

  • Competition valve jobs

  • Crack repair

  • Machine heads for dual spark plugs

  • Machining for manual and automatic compression releases (Harley-Davidson)

  • Custom valves

  • Tappet bore repair/ oversize tappets

  • Machine angled squish band

  • Resurfacing

  • Machine stud holes for oversize studs

Piston machining:

  • Piston dome machining

  • Piston gas porting

  • Piston Lightening

  • Piston valve pocket machining

Crankcase machining:

  • Crankcase damage repair

  • Bore cases for big bore cylinders

  • Machine cases for stroker clearance

  • Machine for oversize studs


  • Bead blast/ Hot tank cleaning
  • Thread repair




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