The second generation of the most dominant cylinder head in motorcycle drag racing is here!

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This completely redesigned casting eliminates the limitations of the original Vortex (formerly MTC) cylinder head casting. The previous version, in Pro-Stock form, used 47mm intake and 39mm exhaust valves. After it was CNC ported to optimize air flow, it flowed about 160 cfm.

The Vortex II uses 46mm intake and 38mm exhaust valves, and flows as much air without porting. You read it right, It flows 160cfm with guides and a valve job with the ports AS CAST!

Getting more air flow from smaller valves means smaller valve pockets in your pistons which will give you more compression and a more efficient combustion chamber. The all new Vortex II cylinder head represents the latest technology in cylinder head design and will be the standard by which all others are compared for years to come.


  • High Strength 356-T6 Aluminum casting.

  • Redesigned semi-downdraft ports flow enough air as cast to support 300hp.

  • No Porting required – No welding or thin spots.

  • O-ringed valve cover. (Sold separately)

  • Machined for high lift 3 bolt cams with improved thrust flanges.

  • No bearing inserts required for Kawasaki.

  • Dual 10mm Spark Plugs.

  • Full radius combustion chamber.

  • 26 degree valve angle allows longer guides, and more retainer to seal clearance.

  • Captured cam follower design for less side loading, and longer follower and bore life.

  • Increased gasket surface for improved seal.

  • More material around stud holes for increased strength.

  • Fully CNC ported Pro-Stock head also available

  • Different port and valve size combinations¬†available, Contact Us for a cylinder head combination that is right for you!